Cairns, Daintree forest and Kuranda

The last weekend with my family has come and I suddenly realize how fast time is passing by here in Down Under.

I flew to Cairns on Thursday morning and we made a day trip to the Daintree forest , which was stunning, we saw the wildlife crocodiles and a lot of different animals which were not in a cage or in a zoo.

The landscape up to the Daintree forest is just overwhelming and definitely worth seeing it.

The next day, we went to Kuranda, a place up in “the mountains” actually not mountains like we have in Switzerland It is amazing, they have a wonderful wildlife and you can be really close to the animals. We drove up there with an old train, which was beautiful, to come back we took a railway, which was quite funny because we just now it from the mountains in the ski resort and here it is in the Rainforest.

oktober 2016

Daintree Forest
Snakes in Kuranda
incredible Beaches
The view from Kuranda
Kangoroos in Kuranda